Professional in Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis is an efficient and cost effective custom gene production compared to traditional molecular clothing. Our Gene Synthesis Services include sequence design and optimization for your research, synthesis, clothing, verification and etc. Medigene is delighted to offer high quality Gene Synthesis Services at the most affordable prices. Medigene is delighted to offer high quality Gene Synthesis Services at the most affordable prices.

Size of Gene Delivery in Standard Vector Price per base pair

LengthDelivery TimePrice (RM)
0 – 441bp~5-6 business days**1279.00
442bp-500bp~5-6 business days**2.90* /bp
500bp-1kb~6-8 business days**2.90* /bp
1kb - 2kb~10 to 15 business days2.90* /bp
>2 kbPlease enquirePlease enquire

**Optimization Free
**Standard sequences only. For sequences with repeats, high or low GC contents please enquire about turnaround time.
**Terms & Conditions applied

Our Four Guarantee Commitment

  • 100% Correct DNA Sequencing Guarantee.
    Each gene is confirmed base-by-base by sequence and is guaranteed to match 100% with your requested sequences.

  • Quick Turnaround Guarantee
    Turnarounds are estimates. Further discount for large projects and long term contracts is available. Discount rates are based on total number of base pairs of gene order. Discount on long term contract is also available.

  • Lowest Price Guarantee
    ALL customers are eligible for a promotional price at RM 2.90* per bp. Fully cloned and 100% sequence verified.
    *Limited time offer.
    *First time user only. Promotions valid in Malaysia only.
    *Only for standard sequences <2kb. Minimum order of RM 1279.00 applies.

    For sequences > 3kb, large projects and Pharma account, please contact us for further details.Genes are cloned into standard vector pUC57. If customer desires to clone the gene into specified cloning vehicle, there is an additional fee of RM1000.00. We only provide single stranded sequencing. Double-stranded sequencing service is available upon request at no additional charge.

  • Absolute Confidentiality Guarantee

How to Order

Download and Email: You may download the Gene Synthesis Order Form and submit your order via e-mail to or

Within 24 hours, you will receive a reply from one of our highly experienced customer representatives. Customer will receive 4ug of lyophilized DNA containing synthetic gene of interest, sequence chromatogram trace files, gene report, QC restriction digestion files, alignment file as well as vector information. If you wish to have up to 10ug of plasmid DNA, we are pleased to provide it to you at no extra cost. However, additional three days are required.

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms

    Medigene will deliver to customer 4.0ug plasmid DNA containing gene of interest. Plasmid DNA will be in pUC vector and provided in lyophilized powder form. Along with the final gene product, Medigene. will provide chromatogram sequencing results, gene report, alignment file, complete nucleotide sequence of the plasmid (cloning vector) including the sequence of the gene insert, and restriction digestion analysis results. All these documents will be copied on a CD sent along with the final product. Upon request, customer may also receive these documents electronically.

    No gene synthesis is initiated without a PO number or letter/email.

  • Turnaround

    Medigenewill make its best effort to ship genes with a sequence length less than or equal to one thousand base pairs (1000bp), within ten (10) business days of receipt of an order. Medigene will make its best effort to ship genes with a sequence length between one thousand base pairs (1000bp) to two thousand base pairs (2000bp), within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of an order. For genes with a sequence length greater than two thousand base pairs (2000bp), Medigene will provide customer with an estimate of the completion date before manufacture of the gene.

  • High GC Content Genes and Highly Repetitive Genes

    In case of genes with high GC content (including regional high GC content genes), as well as highly repetitive genes, Medigene reserves the right to deliver genes within a more reasonable time frame. The new time frame will be consulted with customer prior to start of gene synthesis. Medigene may also refuse to fill any order by notifying customer orally or by written notice if the order is technically difficult to accomplish.

  • Custom Cloning Vehicle

    Medigene will charge an extra CDN$200 dollars to subclone the genes of interest into customer’s desired cloning vehicle. Customer must provide detailed sequence information pertaining customer vector. Any incorrect or false information provided by customer may lead to significant delay of the project. In this case, Medigeneis not responsible for the delay or any consequences caused by the delay. If subcloning fails due to circumstances beyond control, Medigene will deliver the final gene product in pUC57. $200 subcloning fee will NOT be charged to customer due to incompletion of subcloning process.

  • Genes with Expression Toxicity

    In the event that a designed DNA fragment is toxic to the E.coli host in which it is grown, Medigene reserves the right to provide 20ug of sequence-verified full length PCR fragment in place of plasmid DNA. Customer agrees to pay the full invoice amount.

  • Genes that Fail To Be Synthesized in Full Length in Standard Vector or as a PCR Fragment

    Medigenemakes best effort to synthesize the full length gene in our standard vector pUC57. Should Medigene be unsuccessful in generating the full-length sequence in the standard vector or as a full length PCR fragment (due to sequence instability, toxicity, GC rich areas, repeats, etc.), client is not obligated to make ANY payment to Medigene. Should client be willing to receive sequence-verified PCR fragments, Medigene reserves the right to ask a proportion of the original price (up to 50%) to cover labour and material cost.

  • Cancellations

    For any genes, customer may cancel the order after reaching an agreement with Medigene IF

    7.1.Medigene has received the order, but has not initiated the project, customer is entitled to cancellation of the order without any penalty. IF
    7.2.Medigene has prompted oligo synthesis, but not cloning and/or thereafter, customer may cancel the order, however, customer is obliged to pay 25% of the original price to cover labour and material cost. IF
    7.3.Medigene has prompted oligo synthesis, and has started cloning and/or thereafter, customermay cancel the order, however, after agreement with Medigene. Customer is obliged to pay penalty cost, depending on the stage or status of the project. IF
    7.4.Medigene has obtained the correct sequence within specified time frame, customer may cancel the order, however, with full amount paid to Medigene

  • Patents

    Medigene serves as a service provider and offers synthesis services of sequences provided by the customer. It is the sole responsibility of customer to verify whether their respective work is result of any infringements of any patents. Medigene expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.

  • Inspection Policy

    Upon receipt of shipped goods, customer shall inspect the shipment promptly for damages, shortages and correct identity of product. Any product that is not identical to the requested sequence will be replaced or authorized for return and credit, at our option. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment.

  • Warranty

    Medigene guarantees 100% accuracy and match of genes requested. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment. At the time of shipment, Medigene keeps a single copy of the gene for unexpected incidents and/or disputes. After 3 months, this copy of the gene will be destroyed permanently. Medigene reserves the right to refuse handling disputes after period of 3 months.