Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is becoming widely applied in many research projects such as DNA Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, Metagenomics and so on. At Medigene, we offer Advanced Bioinformatic Solutions known as Custom Next Generation Sequencing Service (NGS) to assist researchers in the access, analysis and interpretation of vast amounts of data produced by sequencing system.

Long Sequence Reads/ Shorterst Run Time/ Widest Application

  • Up to ~ 400bp/reads
  • Up to ~ 500 Mbp/run
  • 10hr/ Titanium run

Technology Applications

  • DNA Sequencing
    > DNA Fragment Library Sequencing
    > DNA Mate-pair Library Sequencing

  • RNA Sequencing
    > Small RNA Sequencing
    > Digital Gene Expression-Tag Sequencing
    > Transcriptome Sequencing

  • Meta-genomics
    > DNA Methylation Sequencing
    > ChIP-Seq

  • Others
    > Meta-Genomics DNA Sequencing
    > Plasma DNA Sequencing

Sample requirement

  • DNA must be double stranded
  • DNA should not be degraded
  • DNA should contain no particulate matter
  • DNA should have an OD 260/280 ratio of above 1.8
  • DNA sample should have a minimal concentration of 5ng/µl in TE
  • Total DNA required : 500ng
  • cDNA library : Total RNA and mRNA required > 200ng
  • Amplicons : This procedure requires 5-20ng (genomic DNA) or 1-2ng (plasmid DNA or similar) of starting DNA material, in 1µl of molecular biology grade water
  • Amplicons size should be ranged from 200 to 600bp

How to Order

Download and Email: You may download the Next Generation Sequencing Request Form and submit your order via e-mail to or