Oligo Synthesis Service

Medigene is a one-stop-centre Oligo Synthesis Service Provider with fast turnaround time, for all types of oligonucleotides. We provide a comprehensive Oligo Synthesis Service that covered a multitude of synthesis scales, modifications, purifications and etc cater to match your researching needs.

  • Highest Purity at Lowest Price
  • Specializing in HAP* (High Affinity Purification) and PAGE Purification
  • Fast Services: Synthesis Completed within 36 Hours (for HAP* or PAGE)
  • All modified base oligos are purified by HPLC (WAVE system)
  • Highest QC and Quality Guaranteed

High Affinity Purification (HAP) is a patented, novel purification method for custom oligos developed by Bio Basic Inc. DMT-ON-Oligo in the crude oligo mixture is first selectively absorbed on a high affinity resin in HAP column while incomplete oligos pass through. Final oligo is produced by removing the protection group of DMT under mild acidic conditions. HAP method provides two major advantages, high purity superior to De-Salted method (>98%), and low cost comparable to PAGE or HPLC methods. Oligos produced by the HAP method has such high purity that they can be directly used for any downstream experiments such as PCR, DNA Sequencing, Gene Synthesis, and Mutagenesis. At present, the most economic method to produce oligos is the De-Salted method, which however, yields products poor in purity. For example, the purity of 20-mer, 40-mer and 60-mer is approximately 68%, 45% and 30% respectively. This is calculated based on the 4 steps in DNA synthesis: De-DMT, Coupling, Oxidation and Capping. The average yield of each cycle is about 98%. The purity of 20-mer is therefore (0.98)20-1 = 68%; of 40-mer = (0.98)40-1 = 45%; and of 60-mer = (0.98)60-1 = 30%. Most laboratories use De-Salted oligos despite of their inferior purity because higher quality oligos produced by alternative methods such as PAGE, HPLC, and OPC are too costly. HAP presents the perfect alternative for high purity oligos at lowest prices. In fact, price is even lower than those of De-Salted method in some cases.

How to Order

Download and Email: You may download the Oligo Synthesis Order Form and submit your order via e-mail to info@mdgsb.com.my or ict@mdgsb.com.my

Note: Please indicate scales, purification method, 5' end or 3' end modification. To guarantee quality, we do not carry De-salted oligos. HAP is a superior purification scale as compared to Desalt.

Regular Oligos synthesis

HAP Purification

Item No.Synthesis ScaleAvailable LengthsYield (5-9base)Yield (10-60base)
HAP-100100 nmole5-60base2 ODs5 ODs
HAP-200200 nmole5-60base5 ODs10 ODs
HAP-400400 nmole5-60base10 ODs20 ODs
HAP-10001 µmole5-60base20 ODs40 ODs

PAGE Purification (Mass QC)

Item No.Synthesis ScaleAvailable LengthsYield (10-60base)Yield (61-90base)Yield (91-110base)
PAGE-100100 nmole10-60base2 ODsN/AN/A
PAGE-200200 nmole10-90base5 ODs2 ODsN/A
PAGE-400400 nmole10-110base10 ODs5 ODs2 ODs
PAGE-10001 µmole10-110base20 ODs10 ODs5 ODs

HPLC Purification (Mass QC)

1 µmole
Item No.Synthesis ScaleAvailable LengthsYield (5-9base)Yield (10-60base)
HPLC-100100 nmole5-60base1 OD2 ODs
HPLC-200200 nmole5-60base2 ODs5 ODs
HPLC-400400 nmole5-60base5 ODs10 ODs
HPLC-10005-60base10 ODs20 ODs

dual Purification(PAGE & HPLC) (Mass QC)

Item No.Synthesis ScaleAvailable LengthsYield (10-60base)Yield (61-90base)
DHPLC-100100 nmole10-60base1 ODN/A
DHPLC-200200 nmole10-90base2 ODs1 OD
DHPLC-400400 nmole10-90base5 ODs2 ODs
DHPLC-10001 µmole10-90base10 ODs5 ODs


DeoxyInosineSynthesis ScalePurification Method
DI-HAP-100100 nmoleHAP
DI-HAP-200200 nmoleHAP
DI-HAP-400400 nmoleHAP
DI-HAP-10001 µmoleHAP
DI-PAGE-100 (mass QC)100 nmolePAGE
DI-PAGE-200 (mass QC)200 nmolePAGE
DI-PAGE-400 (mass QC)400 nmolePAGE
DI-PAGE-1000 (mass QC)1 µmolePAGE
DI-HPLC-100 (mass QC)100 nmoleHPLC
DI-HPLC-200 (mass QC)200 nmoleHPLC
DI-HPLC-400 (mass QC)400 nmoleHPLC
DI-HPLC-1000 (mass QC)1 µmoleHPLC


DeoxyInosineSynthesis ScalePurification Method
DU-HAP-100100 nmoleHAP
DU-HAP-200200 nmoleHAP
DU-HAP-400400 nmoleHAP
DU-HAP-10001 µmoleHAP
DU-PAGE-100 (mass QC)100 nmolePAGE
DU-PAGE-200 (mass QC)200 nmolePAGE
DU-PAGE-400 (mass QC)400 nmolePAGE
DU-PAGE-1000 (mass QC)1 µmolePAGE
DU-HPLC-100 (mass QC)100 nmoleHPLC
DU-HPLC-200 (mass QC)200 nmoleHPLC
DU-HPLC-400 (mass QC)400 nmoleHPLC
DU-HPLC-1000 (mass QC)1 µmoleHPLC

Phosphorothioate Bond (Mass QC)

Item No.Synthesis Scale
PHOS-100100 nmole
PHOS-200200 nmole
PHOS-400400 nmole
PHOS-10001 µmole


5' PhosphorylationSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
PH5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
PH5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
PH5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
PH5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' PhosphorylationSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
PH3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
PH3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
PH3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
PH3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs

Attachment Chemistry & Linkers

5'NH2 C6(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
NH65-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
NH65-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
NH65-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
NH65-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3'NH2 C6 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
NH63-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
NH63-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
NH63-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
NH63-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5'NH2 C12 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
NH125-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
NH125-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
NH125-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
NH125-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5'Biotin(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
BT5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
BT5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
BT5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
BT5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3'Biotin(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
BT3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
BT3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
BT3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
BT3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' or Int Biotin dT (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
BTT-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
BTT-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
BTT-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
BTT-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' Thiol Modifier C6 S-S (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
SH5SS-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
SH5SS-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
SH5SS-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
SH5SS-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' Thiol Modifier C6 SH (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
SH5SH-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
SH5SH-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
SH5SH-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
SH5SH-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' Thiol Modifier C3 S-S (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
SH3SS-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
SH3SS-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
SH3SS-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
SH3SS-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' Thiol Modifier C3 SH (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
SH3SH-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
SH3SH-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
SH3SH-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
SH3SH-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs

Modified bases

3' Inverted dTSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
INV-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
INV-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
INV-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
INV-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5-Methyl dCSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
METH-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
METH-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
METH-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
METH-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
Locked Nucleic Acids (LNA)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
LNA-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
LNA-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
LNA-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
LNA-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' Dideoxy-C(ddC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
DDC-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
DDC-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
DDC-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
DDC-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs


C3 SpacerSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
C3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
C3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
C3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
C3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' or Int Spacer 9Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
SPACER9-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
SPACER9-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
SPACER9-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
SPACER9-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' or Int Spacer 18Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
SPACER18-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
SPACER18-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
SPACER18-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
SPACER18-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' or Int d SpacerSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
DSPACER-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
DSPACER-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
DSPACER-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
DSPACER-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs


5'or 3' 6-FAM(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
FAM-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
FAM-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
FAM-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
FAM-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' TET(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
TET-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
TET-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
TET-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
TET-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' HEX(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
HEX-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
HEX-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
HEX-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
HEX-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' TAMRA NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
TAMRA5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
TAMRA5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
TAMRA5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
TAMRA5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' TAMRA NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
TAMRA3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
TAMRA3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
TAMRA3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
TAMRA3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' ROX NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
ROX5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
ROX5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
ROX5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
ROX5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' ROX NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
ROX3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
ROX3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
ROX3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
ROX3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' JOE NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
JOE5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
JOE5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
JOE5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
JOE5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' JOE NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
JOE3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
JOE3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
JOE3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
JOE3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5'CY3 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
CY5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
CY5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
CY5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
CY5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' or Int CY3(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
CY3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
CY3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
CY3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
CY3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5'CY5 NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
CY55-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
CY55-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
3'CY5 NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
CY35-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
CY35-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs

Dual-Labeled DNA Probes

5' 6-FAM-3'TAMRA NHS Ester (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
FT-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
FT-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
FT-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
FT-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' 6-FAM-3'BHQ-1 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
FB-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
FB-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5' 6-FAM-3'Eclipse (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
FE-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
FE-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5' TET-3'TAMRA NHS Ester(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
TT-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
TT-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5' HEX-3'TAMRA NHS Ester(mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
HT-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
HT-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5' HEX-3'BHQ-1 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
HB-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
HB-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5' HEX-3'Eclipse (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
HE-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
HE-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5'TAMRA NHS Ester-3'BHQ-2 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
TB-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
TB-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5'ROX NHS Ester-3'BHQ-2 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
RB-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
RB-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5'CY3 NHS Ester-3'BHQ-2 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
CY3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
CY3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5'CY5 NHS Ester-3'BHQ-2 (mass QC)Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
CY5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
CY5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs

Dark Quenchers

3' DabcylSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
DAB3-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
DAB3-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
DAB3-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
DAB3-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
5' Dabcyl NHS EsterSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
DAB5-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
DAB5-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
DAB5-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
DAB5-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' BHQ-1Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
BHQ1-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
BHQ1-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
BHQ1-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
BHQ1-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' BHQ-2Synthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
BHQ2-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
BHQ2-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
BHQ2-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
BHQ2-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs
3' EclipseSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
ECL-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
ECL-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
ECL-400400 nmoleHPLC10 ODs
ECL-10001 µmoleHPLC20 ODs

Dark Quenchers

5'6-FAM-3'DabcylSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
FD-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
FD-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5'HEX-3'DabcylSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
HD-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
HD-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs
5'TAMRA NHS Ester-3'DabcylSynthesis ScalePurification MethodYield(10-60base)
TD-100100 nmoleHPLC2 ODs
TD-200200 nmoleHPLC5 ODs