Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis is essential in biological, proteomic and drug discovery research. Medigene is Malaysia leading Peptide Synthesis Service Provider of high quality custom peptides. With state-of-the-art equipment backed by our experienced chemists, we provide a broad spectrum of Custom Peptide Synthesis Service and Protein Synthesis Service with detailed quality control documentation.

  • From small peptides to long peptides ( >100 amino acids)
  • From the regular peptides to all kinds of modified peptides
  • From mgs to kilograms
  • GMP standard peptides are available
  • All custom peptides are supplied with strict analytical specifications, which include HPLC and MS analysis.
  • Fast turnaround time. Most custom peptides can be delivered within 2-3 weeks. The delivery time may vary depending on the peptide length and nature of the sequences, as well as modifications.
  • Low price GUARANTEED.

All information is treated with strict confidentiality. If required, we are pleased to sign a client confidentiality agreement before receiving your compound structure.

How to Order

Download and Email: You may download the Peptide Synthesis Order Form and submit your order via e-mail to or

RUSH Service

Do you need to RUSH order a peptide? We offer RUSH services at your needs. Peptides are ready in less than 5 days!!! Please contact us for price and details of this service.

Regular Peptide of 5-30 amino acids

Purification QuantityCrudeDesalt>70%>75%>80%>85%>90%>95%>98%
1-4 mg
5-9 mg
10-14 mg
15-19 mg
20-24 mg
25-29 mg
30-39 mg
40-49 mg
50-59 mg
60-79 mg
1000 mg

Regular Peptide of 31-40 amino acids

Purification QuantityCrudeDesalt>70%>75%>80%>85%>90%>95%>98%
1-4 mg
5-9 mg
10-14 mg
15-19 mg
20-24 mg
25-29 mg
30-39 mg
40-49 mg
50-59 mg
60-79 mg
1000 mg

Regular Peptide of 41-50 amino acids

Purification QuantityCrudeDesalt>70%>75%>80%>85%>90%>95%>98%
1-4 mg
5-9 mg
10-14 mg
15-19 mg
20-24 mg
25-29 mg
30-39 mg
40-49 mg
50-59 mg
60-79 mg
1000 mg


  • No set up charge and purification is included.
  • Discount rates are available for large quantity and large-scale synthesis
  • There is a minimum RM500.00 per order which included shipping charge.

Protein Modification

ModificationCode0-49 mgextra cost50-499 mgextra cost500-1000 mgextra cost
Other D-Amino Acids-1aa1aa1aa
(L) 1-NAL{L-1-NAL}1aa1aa1aa
(L) 2-PAL{L-2-PAL}1aa1aa1aa
(L) 4-CL-PHE{L-4-CL-PHE}1aa1aa1aa
Acetylation at alpha amine group{Ac-LYS}1aa1aa1aa
Acetylation at the side chain{Lys-Ac}1aa1aa1aa
Biotin Lysine{biotin-LYS}1aa1aa1aa
Biotin Lysine{bio-LYS}1aa1aa1aa
Cysteine (Acm){Acm-CYS}1aa1aa1aa
Cysteine (tBu){tBu-CYS}1aa1aa1aa
Dinitrobenzylation (LYS){dnp-LYS}1aa1aa1aa

ModificationCode0-49 mgextra cost50-499 mgextra cost500-1000 mgextra cost
Hydroxy Proline{HYP}1aa1aa1aa
Iso Aspartic Acid{iso-ASP}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated ALA{nme-ALA}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated Glycine{nme-GLY}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated Isoleucine{nme-ILE}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated Leucine{nme-LEU}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated Methionine{nme-MET}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated Phenylalanine{nme-PHE}}1aa1aa1aa
N-methylated Valine{nme-VAL}1aa1aa1aa
Oxamic Acid{OXA}1aa1aa1aa
Phosphorylation (SER){pSER}1aa1aa1aa
Phosphorylation (THR){pTHR}1aa1aa1aa
Phosphorylation (TYR){pTYR}1aa1aa1aa
AMC (C-Terminal)-1aa1aa1aa
Fatty Acid (N-Terminal)-1aa1aa1aa
Formylation (N-Terminal)-1aa1aa1aa
Myristic Acid (N-Terminal)-1aa1aa1aa
Palmytolyl (N-Terminal)-1aa1aa1aa
Acetylation (N-Terminal)-1aa-1aa-1aa-
Amidation (C-Terminal)-1aa-1aa-1aa-
Benzyloxycarbonyl (N-Terminal)-1aa-1aa-1aa-
CBZ (N-Terminal)-1aa-1aa-1aa-
Abz/Tyr (3-NO2)----
Amide Cyclic----
Biotin (N-Terminal)----

Modification0-49 mg50-499 mg500-1000 mg
Biotin-Acp (N-Terminal)
BSA Conjugation
Dansyl (N-Terminal)
Disulfide Bridge
DTPA (N-Terminal)
FITC (N-Terminal)
HYNIC (N-Terminal)
MAPS Asymmetric 4 branches (C-Terminal)
MAPS Asymmetric 8 branches (C-Terminal)
MCA (N-Terminal)
KLH Conjugation√          (0-9mg)√          (10-19mg)√          (20-29mg)

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms

    Medigene will deliver to customers the peptide ordered. Peptides will be stored in a tube inside of a protective case and will include documents on how peptide was made and laboratory tests results and a solubility sheet provided. Upon request, customer may also receive these documents electronically.

  • Turnaround

    Medigene will make its best effort to ship peptides with a span of 10-20 business days (2-3 weeks). Please note the higher the purity may contribute to longer synthesis for peptides as we need to assure the peptides are pure and correct. Medigene supplies confirmed clients with weekly progress reports to update the customer with the status of the peptide whether it is in synthesis stage or Q.C. protocols, to ready for shipment.

  • Cancellations

    Buyer may not cancel any order or return any Product without Medigene’s consent. Cancellation and return charges may be charged. Buyer must contact Medigene to obtain a return material authorization number.

  • Inspection Policy

    Upon receipt of shipped goods, customer shall inspect the shipment promptly for damages, shortages and correct identity of product. Any product that is not identical to the requested sequence will be replaced or authorized for return and credit, at our option. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment.