• APS One
  • Product Code: AES Chemunex

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  • Contain up to 560 plastic Petri dishes as standard
  • Operating speed: +/- 650 (850 with turbo kit option) dishes/hour (18 ml per dish)
  • Includes "easy load" peristaltic pump
  • Simple programming via an intuitive keyboard and a graphic screen keyboard, can be use with a standard USB PC mouse
  • Up to 20 programs can be stored
  • LAN , USB, RS232 output on the side of the system
  • Dispensed volume: from 1 to 30 ml per Petri dishes
  • The APS One will detect the upside down dishes and will not fill them (without cycle interruption)
  • Special filling shuttle easily removable for an easy cleaning
  • Compact: 720mm width and 900mm high only
  • Accommodate different tubing sizes for manual fillings on the "easy load" pump head
  • Pouring is achieved under an U.V light to avoid any aerobiocontamination

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