Eppendorf ViscoTip®

  • Eppendorf ViscoTip®
  • Product Code: ViscoTip®


  • Specialized for liquids with a dynamic viscosity from 200 mPa*s to 14,000 mPa*s
  • For dispensing volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL in increments of 10 µL
  • Make life easier for your instrument: The new design of the tip means significantly lower operation forces are used, thus it speeds up work and reduces energy consumption
  • Don't waste time calculating: Automatic tip recognition and volume calculation in Multipette M4/E3/E3x
  • Free of leachables and slip agents: The ViscoTip is free of experiment-interfering leachables (e.g. slip agents, biocides, plasticisers)
  • Save time finding the right tip: The color coded double ring and the continuous volume scale distinguish the ViscoTip from Combitips advanced 
Cat. No.PackingVolume (mL)
0030 089.502100 pcs. (4 bags × 25 pcs.)

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