Eppendorf Multipette® M4

  • Eppendorf Multipette® M4
  • Product Code: Multipette® M4

Cat No:

4982 000.012


  • Repetitive Dispensing of volumes in long series such as tube or plate filling, aliquoting reagents and kit usage
  • Contamination-free dispensing of toxic, radioactive and or other hazardous liquids
  • Precise and accurate dispensing of viscous solutions (e.g. glycerol) or liquids with high vapor pressure (e.g. ethanol)
  • Step counter: Displays the number of executed dispensing steps
  • Ergonomically shaped operating lever: Dispenses the liquid and ejects the Combitip advanced
  • Volume selection dial: 20 different volume settings for every Combitip size; Easy to reach and adjust using your thumb
  • Hand rest: Supports a relaxed hand position and ease of use
  • Motion Sensor: Multipette switches off when not in use, and back on with minimal movements to save power and time
  • Combitip sensor: Automatic Combitip recognition and volume display

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