Pilot Scale SIP Fermentation System 10L/30L

  • Product Code: Winpact

Product Introduction

Winpact now offers pilot and production scale bioreactor/fermentation system for all of your large scale fermentation needs. Our standard SIP (Sterilization in Place) fermentation system provides high quality and excellent compatibility to meet all the bioprocess engineering standards. All of our features are designed to provide high level of productivity and automation while maintaining a low operational cost. Our system ranges from 50 L to 1000L working volume.


  • Two models for selection: 10L and 30L working volume
  • Maximum speed range up to 1,000 rpm
  • Stainless Steel double jacketed vessel for excellent temperature control
  • ABS panel with compact smart controller
  • Newly developed Linux based software interface for easy operation and virus-proof
  • Energy and budget saving built-in heat-exchanger for sterilization purpose
  • System expansion with varies optional devices to enhance fermentation process
  • Compact and easy installation with platform and wheels for easy rolling

Immediate visualization on operation overview

Easy and intuitive operation for manual and sequence control

Online system calibration with system feedback

System Expansion with varies optional devices

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