RAL STAINER – Automated TB Staining System

  • RAL STAINER – Automated TB Staining System
  • Product Code: TB Staining

RAL STAINER – Automated TB Staining System 
Ral Stainer is an automated staining unit, compact and efficient, equipped with an original RFID system to eliminating any protocol error. High quality reproducible staining can be achieved through the combination of new RAL stains and a robust reliable mechanism.

Kit RAL Stainer Cold ZN

Cold Ziehl Neelsen staining for mycobacteria detection;
  • Confirmation method for suspicious results obtained with Fluorescent test
  • Confrimation method for culture samples
  • No exposure to phenol vapors and fumes
  • Fast staining

Kit RAL Stainer Fluo-RAL

Auramine fluorescent staining for mycobacteria detection;
  • Fast screening of mycobacteria
  • As sensitive as the Ziehl Neelsen standard staining
  • Deep contrast for a safer and easier detection

Product No. 414 194

  • Fixative1 x 200 ml
  • Fuschin1 x 200 ml
  • Discolouring Solution1 x 200 ml
  • Methylene Blue1 x 200 ml

Product No. 414 193

  • Fixative Fluo-RAL 1 x 200 ml
  • Auramine fluo-RAL 1 x 100 ml
  • Solution for Auramine 1 x 100 ml
  • Discolouring Solution FR 1 x 200 ml
  • Thiazine Red Fluo-RAL 1 x 100 ml
  • Solution for Thiazine Red 1 x 100 ml

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